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Velvet Touch Bronzer is the refill version of Mia Makeup pot powder bronzer to add to your makeup palette or to customize your magnetic makeup palette.
Natural compact powder bronzer with matt finish, ideal to sculpt facial features and create chiaroscuro on the skin after the application of the foundation. The light and silky texture of Velvet Bronzer, thanks to the formula rich in pigment, makes the product comfortable on the skin, easy to fade. Bronzer powder full color , easy to modulate and fade, blends perfectly with the complexion and gives uniformity and naturalness. The product lends itself depending on the color chosen to give the skin a "sun-kissed" look or professional contouring makeup.
Face sculpted with the right volumes or just heated: Velvet Bronzer Refill gives the extra touch to all looks and can not miss in your personal face palette.

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