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Do you want eyebrows as perfect as if you had performed a microblading tattoo?

Discover the NEW 4BROW Pencil, the best eyebrow marker with a revolutionary formula that lasts for hours! A truly unique and inimitable waterproof eyebrow product in 4 shades, with a special four-tip applicator that revolutionizes eyebrow definition and thickening with an ultra-fine line that realistically mimics natural hair. The four tips of the pen allow you to draw the eyebrows in the sparse areas and to trace the areas to be highlighted for a perfect but natural result, for an eyebrow makeup that lasts for hours, even in the pool or at the beach.

#ICONSIDIMIA Before applying eyebrow makeup, cleanse your face with a makeup remover and make sure your skin is thoroughly dry. While using the eyebrow pen, stretch the skin well so that the drawn line is well defined. The pen is extremely adjustable:

  •     Define your eyebrows using the four tips of the marker by varying the pressure applied for an even more natural effect.
  •     If you rotate the marker you can use just one of the tips to draw ultra-thin, ultra-defined strokes.

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